Car Key Programming

Car Key Programming

Do you have a new key, but it’s not programmed? Lock N More has you covered.

Call us if you have a new car key and you need someone to program it for you. Our key programming service is quick and convenient. Proper programming of your electronic key will ensure that your new key works the first time, and every time.

Our technicians come to you, and they are specially-trained to program:

Your lock N More professional can program a replacement car key for virtually any year, make, and model of car or truck.

Local, Insured, & Guaranteed

Lock N More is locally-owned and operated, and we have our own highly-trained technicians who have the right knowledge and the highest-quality tools to program your key.

We are fully-licensed and insured. And, Lock N More carefully checks the backgrounds of each of our technicians, so you can always feel confident and secure with the person coming to help you.



Why does my key need programming?
If your car key is a chip key (transponder key), then it transmits a radio signal at a frequency that your car’s immobilizer is set to recognize. If the key is not programmed to emit the right signal, then your car won’t start, even if the key turns in the ignition. The key blade must be correctly cut, and the chip must be correctly programmed in order to start your car.
Are smart keys cheaper since there's no key to cut?
Even if you have a push-start ignition, your key fob has a valet key inside. If you have never had problems with the fob, you have probably never used it. However, if the fob stops working, the only way to get into the car is with a valet key. So, you will probably want us to cut the valet key when we create and program your new smart key.
Can you program a key I already bought?
We can often program a key you already have. However, depending on where you got the key, it may not work. We don’t recommend buying keys online, since there is no way to tell who made them or if they are OEM parts. Cheap aftermarket keys may not function properly and are not a good buy in the long run.
Can I program my own car key?
It is possible to program your own key, but it can be tricky. Every car has its own programming procedure, and you must follow it correctly.