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Dealer Services

Let Lock N More Dealer Services be your resource for providing your dealership and your customers with additional or replacement car keys.

Services for Your Dealership

Do you sometimes take cars into your inventory that only have one key, but you’d like to sell them with a set of two? Lock N More offers full-service car key replacements for almost any car, regardless of year, make, or model, so we can quickly, conveniently, and economically make duplicate car keys for these vehicles. And, since we come to you, there is no need to take time from your busy schedule to bring the original key to us. A quick phone call is all it takes.

Services for Your Customers

When your customers call you looking for replacement keys for cars you have sold them, simply refer them to Lock N More. Again, we carry a wide range of keys, including many that others don’t stock, and we can replace the key for almost any car or truck. Plus, as a mobile locksmith, we can offer your customers fast service that comes to them. Our vans are fully-equipped shops, so we can generally cut and program your customer’s replacement key on the spot. Lock N More has the expertise and equipment to make and program replacements of:

Do you sell cars across a wide variety of years, makes, and models? We can handle that! We can make replacement car keys for almost any car or truck, including:

Why Choose Lock N More?

We know that when you send your valued customers to Lock N More, the experience they have with us will be a reflection on you. So, we want you to be completely confident that Lock N More will make you and your customers happy by treating them right. Our service is fast and reliable, and our staff is courteous and professional.

Local, Licensed, & Insured

We are locally-owned and operated, with our own highly-trained technicians who have the right knowledge and equipment to quickly make a replacement car key. We are fully licensed and insured, and our technicians are carefully background-checked for your safety. 


[expand title=”What services can Lock N More offer me?”] Lock N More can create, and program duplicate or replacement keys for any vehicle you have in your inventory.[/expand]

[expand title=”Can you handle any car on my lot?”] Yes! Lock N More can replace or duplicate virtually any kind of car or truck key, regardless of year, make, or model, including remote head keys, VATS keys, smart key fobs, and traditional keys.[/expand]

[expand title=”Can you make new keys if I don’t have the original?”] Using the VIN from the car, we can get all the information we need to correctly create and program your replacement car key.[/expand]

[expand title=”Can I refer my customers to you directly?”] Of course! If you have a customer who calls you looking for additional or replacement keys, send them to us. We will go to a location convenient for them and do the work.[/expand]

[expand title=”Will you treat my customers as I would?”] We know your reputation is the heart of your business. That’s true for us, too! We promise that the way we treat your customers will be a great reflection on you![/expand]

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