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6 Security Tips for People Who Live Alone

Society is changing. Many people are waiting longer to marry so the number of young people living alone is higher than ever. And, people are living longer, so… Read the post

Gun Safety | Child reaching for gun in drawer at home | Lock N More

How to Balance Gun Safety and Access at Home

On February 14, 2018, a school shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, FL. This event took the lives of 17 people making it one… Read the post

Texting And Driving: A Deadly Combination

A black BMW rockets down I-95 in South Florida at more than 80 mph. Inside, the driver looks down at his smartphone, his thumb moving wildly over the screen.… Read the post

Real Estate Lock Box: Is Your Home Safe?

A real estate lock box is a little secured container that holds the keys to properties that are for sale. It is impossible for every local agent to… Read the post

Danger Zone: Bathrooms and the Elderly

The rooms in our homes may vary, with some high-end homes having media rooms, exercise rooms, and even wine cellars. One room all our homes have, though, is a… Read the post

Top 3 Holiday Security Tips

The holiday season is here, and for most people that means parties, gifts, family, and fun. For some, though, it means opportunity — to steal, that is. For… Read the post

Open Home Front Door With Decorative Locks

How to Choose High-Security Door Locks

This article is part of our series, “Burglary Prevention Starts at your Door.” With more than 50% of burglars entering homes through either the front or the back… Read the post

Home Security - The neighbors have better stuff

Burglary Prevention Starts at Your Door

Burglaries are a fact of life. They are constantly occurring. In fact, an unauthorized home entry occurs every 13 seconds, with many of them happening in broad daylight.… Read the post

Woman walking alone at night

7 Tips For Women Walking Alone at Night

We live in a dangerous world. If you have any doubts about that, just listen to the news on any given day. While we are living in a… Read the post